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Custom Graduation Shirt & Stole Combo Pack, Gift For Class Of 2023 Shirt Senior

Custom Graduation Shirt & Stole Combo Pack, Gift For Class Of 2023 Shirt Senior

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Graduation T-shirt & Stole Sublimation Design. 

This shirt is the perfect way to celebrate your accomplishments.

Custom Graduate Shirt includes 1 Personalized Photo Graduation perfect for family & friends - Unisex sizing 3D T-Shirt or center print t-shirt available.

This shirt stole combination makes the graduate stand out! Accompanying family & friends is stylish and fashionable for the occasion.

This custom graduation t-shirt & stole combination is available in all sizes. That means everyone will have something for themselves. No matter what the size of your body is, you can always get one that would fit nicely.

Custom Graduate Shirt, Gift For Class Of 2023 Shirt Senior,1 Personalized Photo Graduation Family Unisex 3D T-Shirt is the perfect way to make you look fashionable and stylish. From festivals, vacations, or parties with friends - this staple piece can be dressed up in different ways for each new setting!

Care Instruction: 

  • Don't use bleach. It damages the clothes and can cause bad reactions.
  • Machine wash cold water, preferably on a gentle cycle
  • Iron on low heat to give your shirt that soft but crisp look; it should be cared for with a steamer to remove wrinkles.
  • Try to avoid line drying in direct sunlight.

Why should you go for our Shirt?

  • You can wear it for any occasion - casual or formal!
  • The Shirt is at an affordable price
  • There are shirts for everyone! No matter what size you are, there's one to fit your body type perfectly
  • The Shirts look good on everyone!
  • They are very comfortable to wear and easy to style.
  • You can get one for yourself or buy it as a gift - either way, everyone will love this wardrobe staple piece
  • Unbeatable customer service that will help resolve any concerns, big or small, quickly and affordably!

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